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Crafting Spooky Charm: DIY Halloween Steampunk Wreath Tutorial

Hello craft enthusiasts! Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, we have a treat for you. Join me in creating a dazzling steampunk Halloween wreath that’s bound to be the centerpiece of your spooky season.

Steampunk Halloween Skull Wreath

Materials You’ll Need:
(Some of the links for materials might be affiliate links, from which I earn a modest commission.)

24″ Artificial Pine Wreath Base-One used is from Michael’s

Ribbons of Choice-Ones used are old ones I had from D. Stevens

1-10″ Roll of Poly/Jute Mesh in Natural

1-10″ Roll of Black Mesh

1-10″ Mr. Bones Skeleton Head

1-Steampunk Hat

2-Wooden Gears

1-Stuffed Owl-Here is an alternative

4-Blade Eucalyptus Spray in Copper

3-Lace Fir Spray in Copper/Black

1-Copper Floral Bush (Michael’s)

1-Steampunk Charms

1-Black Foam Pumpkin-Here is an alternative pack from Amazon

Furry Spiders

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Setting Up Mr. Skelly:
    • Affix a felt piece to Mr. Skelly’s head for better glue grip.
    • Use super glue for attachment, followed by hot glue for stability.
  2. Preparing the Wreath Base:
    • Reshape the pine wreath base into an oval.
    • Tie a few pine ties in the center for added support.
    • Attach alternating colors of mesh using pine ties. (Tip: 28-30 inches of mesh recommended for novices.)
  3. Placing Mr. Skelly:
    • Decide on the optimal position for Mr. Skelly (usually near the top).
    • Glue the felted part of Mr. Skelly onto the wreath.
    • Use pipe cleaners through his jaw for additional security.
  4. Accessorizing Mr. Skelly and the Wreath:
    • Stick a steampunk top hat to Mr. Skelly using both types of glue.
    • Add decorations like pumpkins, gears, or other steampunk elements as per your preference.
  5. Securing the Centerpiece:
    • Tuck a skull beneath the wreath as a hidden centerpiece.
    • Fasten it securely using ties, reinforced with a pipe cleaner and some glue.
  6. Perfecting the Bow:
    • Use a 4-inch ribbon and make a pinch twist.
    • Go for seven-inch loops, twisting in between and adding complementary colors.
  7. Layering Ribbons:
    • Add a 2.5-inch metallic ribbon with six-inch loops.
    • Incorporate a striking 1-inch copper-colored ribbon for added depth.
    • Fasten the bow with zip ties and pipe cleaners, placing it next to the skull.
  8. Final Touches:
    • Weave the bow through the wreath’s mesh.
    • Add gears, a metallic pumpkin, or any other finishing elements to elevate the design.

This steampunk Halloween wreath is not just a DIY project; it’s a statement piece. With these easy-to-follow steps, you’ll have a captivating decoration that’ll surely steal the show this Halloween. Happy crafting, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more exciting tutorials! 🎃🎩🖤

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